ALPHASCRAMBLE 2.0 - nothing remains undetected

With ALPHASCRAMBLE, you can create a snapshot (current state) of your website. Every change to this structure triggers an alarm. Additionally, potential malicious files are placed in quarantine and new registries are deleted.

Once your website is online, you will not immediately notice when a hacker attack has taken place. Especially if you are using a shop system or CMS with a highly branched folder structure. The hacker infiltrates and transfers files, sends spam, and enters people’s accounts through TANs from phishing sites that run on your website. As a consequence, the provider or public prosecutor’s office ends up closing your website.

This is one scenario. Another is that parts of or even your entire website displays content that differs from what you intend to show. And it would be unfortunate if your visitors are the ones to inform you of this. If this state has prevailed for a longer period of time, this could be problematic: a) because of search engines and b) because of automatic backups, which may no longer be able to restore the original state.

Particularly suitable for Wordpress, Joomla, Typo3, Drupal, phpBB, osCommerce, Moodle, XOOPS, MediaWiki, and other open source solutions. Only few providers carry out regular security updates, which can have devastating effects.

ALPHASCRAMBLE is integrated into your internet presence. It immediately "remembers" all of your data – through structure, name, size, owner, date… If any attribute changes or if new files and/or folders are added or something is deleted, you will receive an email straight away to inform you of this. Additionally, potential malicious files are directly placed in quarantine and newly discovered registries are deleted recursively.*

This means that you can act immediately. Restore backups, close gaps…

Simpler than an antivirus software:
The software consists of two parts. A small administration in which you will see a list of all data and can exclude data from the control*, for example to turn off the alarm triggered by a "visitor counter". Have a look at the screenshots for this. The other part is the control script, which scans your website when activated. To automate this, simply have a cronjob execute the script.

Operational requirements:
PHP from 5.6
Set up a cronjob for the automatic scan

*Not available in the FREEWARE Version